Yogurt is a breakfast staple, and used in countless other foods, sauces, dressings, etc. It’s also expensive, and typically hard to make yourself, until now!

The Instant Pot is a great tool for making Yogurt, most models have a button specifically for it! It does take some time (because it has to set), but the actual work involved is only about 30 minutes. Here are 6 recipes you can try once you’re ready!

6 Delicious Instant Pot Yogurt Recipes:

Instant Pot Yogurt Soy Milk Yogurt
Fresh Fruit Yogurt Easy Vanilla Yogurt
Greek Yogurt Whole-Milk Yogurt

What You’ll Need:

  1. (ideally with Yogurt function)

There are 6 basic steps you need to know when making yogurt in your Instant Pot. They are consistent across pretty much all Yogurt recipes, but the ingredients and times may change depending on what type of Yogurt you are making (Greek, fruit infused, etc.):

1. Sterilize Your Instant Pot and Tools

It’s especially important when making yogurt to sterilize your Instant Pot and tools, luckily that’s an easy task. In order to sterilize add 2 cups of cold water to your Instant Pot, along with the spatula, digital thermometer and glass measuring cup on top of the trivet. Then place the lid on your Instant Pot, turn the valve to closed, and turn on Manual Pressure set to High for 3 minutes. When the timer runs out use the Natural Release method.

2. Heat The Milk

Next you need to heat the milk to between 180-200°F. Easiest way to do this is to use the Yogurt mode on your Instant Pot, and ensure the display says ‘More’ (if not hit Yogurt until it does). The Instant Pot will then read ‘boil’ until it has reached the right temperature when the display will change to ‘yogt’.


Note: Is good to skim away the milk skin on top of the heated milk after it reaches 180°F

3. Cool The Milk

The milk now needs to cool to 111°F, either by sitting on the counter, or you can fill your sink w cold water and place the Instant Pot pot in the water to cool faster. Use a silicon spatula to help the cooling process, it should take between 2-4 minutes.


4. Add Starter

While the milk is cooling, take 2 tbsp of your starter (generally any yogurt with active bacterial cultures) and place in a measuring cup. Once the milk has cooled, add 1/2 cup of the milk to the measuring cup with the starter and mix together. Once mixed, add the mixture back to the Instant Pot pot and stir with the spatula.

Note: Heat will kill the good bacteria’s needed to make yogurt, that’s why we cool the milk back down after boiling.

5. Incubate the Yogurt

Place the Instant Pot pot back into the device and place the lid back on. You can leave the valve in the open position. Press the Yogurt button once again and adjust the time to somewhere between 8hr-12hr. The longer the time, the more tangy


6. Strain And Cool The Yogurt

If there is any left over liquid, feel free to strain it out now, you can do so in the fridge over-top of another container. Then place the yogurt in jars, Tupperware or your preferred airtight storage and cool in the fridge.


7. Enjoy!

Other Tips:

  • Keep a portion of your yogurt aside in a separate container, you can use this as the Starter the next time you make it!


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