• Prepare time: 10 min
  • Pressure Cook Time: 8 Hrs
  • Release Type: Natural
  • Ready in:  9 Hrs
  • Pressure: Low


  • Milk – Whole Milk yields the thickest yogurt
  • Yogurt Starter – any brand of yogurt with just milk and live cultures


Start by sterilizing your Instant Pot.  Pour 3 cups of water into the Instant pot and run it through the Steam Cycle for about 5 minutes.

  1. It is important to start with a cold pot, so that your milk won’t scorch on the bottom and have trouble getting up to temperature. Allow the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker itself to cool down naturally or pop it in the fridge for a few minutes.
  2. Pour the milk into the cold Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cooking Pot. Cover it with either a Glass Lid or your Regular Instant Pot Lid, Valve closed.
  3. Press the Yogurt button on your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and then the “Adjust” button until the display says “boil.”  Whisking the milk during the boil cycle will help the milk come up to temperature quicker. Just remove the lid and give the milk a Whisk.
  4. After your Milk has reached 180 degrees, remove the Cooking Pot from the Instant Pot and place it into your kitchen sink, full of cold water. Use a Whisk to aerate the milk to help it cook down quicker. Cool the Milk down to 95-110 degrees, making sure to Whisk before taking the temperature. When the temperature reaches 95-110 degrees, you are ready to add your yogurt starter.
  5. Temper the starter by removing about a cup of the milk from the cooking pot and Whisk it with the Starter to combine. Pour the Starter/Milk back into the Instant Pot cooking pot and Whisk it well. Less Starter yields a much thicker and creamier yogurt. Incubating for 8-10 hours will give you a tart, but not overly sour Yogurt.  For a milder tasting Yogurt, try incubating for 6-8 hours.  For a more tart Yogurt, incubate longer.
  6. If you want to add sugar and/or vanilla, now is the time to do so. However, I recommend that you wait until after incubation, so that the bacteria in the milk doesn’t fight with any flavorings. The milk will look bubbly, which is fine. Place the cooking pot back into the Instant Pot and get ready to incubate.
  7. Push the Yogurt button and the Instant Pot display will show 8:00. If you want a more tart yogurt, adjust the time up to 9:00 or 10:00. Using only 2 Tablespoons of starter, will make the hungry bacteria, work harder to achieve a better result.
  8. After incubation, place Seran Wrap or a Glass Cover on your Cooking Pot and place it in the refrigerator for at least 6-8 hours to chill and firm up.
  9. What constitutes Greek Yogurt is just using Milk and the Starter (no powdered milk is used) and then STRAINING the Yogurt to remove whey. That’s all it is…..strained Regular Yogurt. It is best to first chill the Instant Pot Greek Yogurt, so that it sets up, undisturbed. However, you can strain the Yogurt and chill it at the same time right after incubation, but, you will end up with more Whey. If you first chill the Yogurt, your yield will be much greater.


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